The 7 Steps to Build a Clay Oven in Your Backyard

You might be thinking what the need of making a clay oven is if there are electrical ovens and tandoors available in the market. Even if not satisfied with electrical ovens, there are clay ovens for sale in the market. You can pick one and organize a big fat party for your friends and family members.

We know the industry is equipped with different models of ovens that can offer different delicacies but still, something is interesting in building a clay oven of yours. It’s time taking and might take a day or two, but the output is amazing. You have the choice of building ovens as large as possible and as per requirements.

In most cases, people drop the idea of building a clay oven thinking it’s difficult and requires expertise. But, that’s not true. There are a few steps that you need to follow and a clay oven will be ready in your backyard.

Step 1#

Build a base for the oven 

Dig a hole in the garden and level it straight using different construction materials like old cobblestones to build a base for the oven. You should ensure that the base is properly levelled so that the overall structure stands still. Also, it will be easy to cook.

Step 2#

Cover the base and build oven floor

Use non-compressible materials to cover the base add layers of sand to just extend the sides of your base. After spreading the sand, you should use firebricks and adjust them tightly so that they do not move. The bricks should be fixed properly.

Step 3#

Build a dome 

Dome in a clay ovens means making space for cooking. You should adjust the width of the dome according to the cooking space you want. Talking about the height, it should be 75% of whatever your width is.

Step 4#

Build layers of clay

A dome with one layer will not work as it will break down or get cracked due to soaring heat. After every layer, you should place a newspaper and keep applying the layer of clay. The width should be much to survive the heat.

Step 5#

Add insulation layer

After giving layers of clay for strengthening the dome, you should work on the insulation layer with the help of straws. You should take enough straws and hold them together to layer the dome. The main purpose of the insulation layer is to hold the heat for as long as possible. When buying one from a clay oven for sale, you should check this layer.

Step 6 #

Prepare a door 

Until now, your clay oven is completely round with no door to access the cooking space. After making the insulation layer, you should cut a door in the oven. Straw has a strong binding property so it won’t be difficult to craft a door. The door allows fresh oxygen-rich air to come in the bottom to feed fire and exit from the same without smothering the fire.

Step 7#

Let it dry and pull the sand out 

Based on the season and temperature in your region, the clay oven will take time to dry. You should wait and let it dry completely. After you feel the layers are dried, you should pull out the sand carefully without risking any collapse of the dome. If the part of the oven collapses, you can patch it same materials.

Now your clay oven is ready!!

With a permanent clay oven in your backyard, you can enjoy traditional as well as modern tandoori dishes whenever you feel like it. If it’s very difficult, go and buy from an available Canada clay oven for sale.

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