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What is Web hosting and guidelines to follow for beginners

If you want to start your own site and you are using this for the first time then you have been landed on the right article. Here you will get all the knowledge related to web hosting and the providers and what should be the things you should check according to your website requirements. So let us start with the article.

What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your website or any application online on the internet.  Now you will be getting questions that who provides this service so the answer is web hosting service provider.

Websites are hosted on many different servers. A website hosting service provider is a type of business in which provide all the necessary things which are required to make your website live on the internet.

Whenever a user wants to visit or view your website then the user needs to type the website address or URL or domain name in his/her browser to see the website. As you opt to buy the web hosting then the service provider will ask you for the domain if you already have the domain you can give it otherwise they can also buy it for you according to your demand.

Features that you can ask from the service provider

FTP Access

An FTP means which allows you to upload the files from your local computer to your web server. When you build the website using your own HTML files then you can transfer the files using FTP from your local computer to the webserver.

Email Accounts

As already told that most of the hosting service provider requires your domain name because with the domain name and email account that hosting company provides you can create the email account with your domain name to send the official email to your clients or users.

WordPress support

WordPress is a platform in which you can create your website and make it live on the browser. Most of the websites are been created on WordPress as you can access them very easily. Even most of the hosting providers tell you about the hosting whether it is suitable for WordPress or not. As WordPress has some requirements like PHP version 7 or more than it and MySQL version 5.6 or more than it.

Types of Web hosting

Most of the hosting providers offer different types of web hosting so that they can fulfill the requirements of the clients according to client choice. It is whether the client wants to build a simple site for normal use or wants to run a big business. So here are types of web hosting you can prefer for:-

·         Shared Hosting

Every hosting provider provides almost different plans under particular hosting also giving one thing more or less. Shared hosting is the hosting that is most suitable for small businesses and for those who want to run their personal blogs. In this type of hosting you can share one server with other clients. When the websites are hosted on the same server they also share the same resources like memory, disk space and etc.

·         VPS Hosting

When you Virtual Private Server (VPS) in this also you have to share the server with other users. In this, the service provider allocates a separate portion for you on that server. It means that you have your own resources like memory, disk space and etc. VPS hosting is best for owners who have a medium-sized business.

·         Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the most used hosting nowadays as it is the best hosting for all the business. In this hosting your hosting provider provides you the cluster of servers by which your files are allocated on each server. Whenever one server faces some problem or it is down due to some reason then the traffic is automatically diverted to some other server. So this is the best thing as the site which is having a heavy load could use it and can minimize the downtime of the site.

·         Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server implies that you have your own actual server that is dedicated exclusively to your site. In this manner, you’re given extraordinary adaptability over how you need to deal with your site. You can arrange your server as you wish, pick the operating system and programming you need to utilize, and set up the entire hosting as per your own necessities.

Truth be told, leasing a dedicated server is similarly as incredible as claiming your own nearby server, however, accompanies the expert help of your web have. Ordinarily, this is more arranged towards enormous online organizations that manage substantial traffic.


We hope that you like the article and it is useful for you and you have got the answer to all the questions. If you have any query you can contact hostnetindia.com and get your query solved at any time. So this was all about the web hosting and the providers that you have to take care of. So start your new website now and get online customers or clients now.

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