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These are the common mistakes freshman students should avoid at medical school

Each and every medical student dreams of attending the best medical school there is in the world. They in fact also prepare hard for it and even look for alternatives in case they do not get admission into such a school.

Medical school is never easy, it is challenging (just like being a physician). Long hours of studying various books, concepts, lectures, and other material can translate into burnout and a lot of students often fall behind too.

Before entering medical school, students face a tough time when it comes to giving the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) because of score requirements for many stateside medical schools are tough. Other than that, when students are able to make it to school, they make some common mistakes that are avoidable.

Hence, we will share key mistakes most students make when they are studying medicine at any medical school. They are compiled by an expert physician who was a gold medal graduate at a top-notch Caribbean university medical school.

The common mistakes students make when they are in medical school

Here are some mistakes medical students should avoid at all costs when they are in medical school:

No medical student should fall behind whether its studies, activities, or life

Medical students can get overwhelmed in medical school. Lectures and laboratory work are too much to handle at times. Balancing lectures, laboratory work, clinical rotations, and personal life is almost impossible. Doing this can seriously burn out people.

Staying organized is key to surviving and thriving in medical school. Other than studies and assignments, it is wise not to cram everything in the mind. Improved habits for studying and relaxing is best for med students.

Students do not need to know everything

Whether or not students are knowledgeable, they should realize that there is still a lot to learn. But continuously trying hard to be on top doesn’t work that easily. In fact, they should relax and avoid overconfidently.

It is also not the right thing to have.

Medicine is challenging and it always brings in something new to learn. It is mostly about practical learning because periodically, new advancements arrive in it. Even intelligent students understand that they have no need to know everything in advance. They can always research for it in their free time.

Poor time management skills are disastrous

During classes, clinical rotations, study sessions, and exams; medical students have no emptiness in their hands. With lots of work to do, they need to have excellent time management skills. If students can manage their time in medical schools properly, then they will pave the way for success for themselves with ease.

No student has the need to argue with a senior

No medical student should ever argue in medical school and its associated hospital, whether it is a resident, a nurse, or a physician. The difference of opinion arises, and students need to be humble when expressing their opinions.

Medical students must understand that anyone they meet in school (faculty, physicians, therapists, residents, nurses) can have more experience than them. In fact, they should learn from them and make use of their advice at all times.

Medical students should always respect their place in the chain of command

Medical students are perceived to be at the bottom of the chain in medical school. However, they are not as they are like trainee cadets who are being trained and polished. Everything in life has a hierarchy, and the same in medicine is complicated.

Yet, no one at the bottom should disrespect the top and the same goes for the ones on the top and in the middle. Everyone must respect each other in medical school and beyond.

Students should not be afraid of revealing their errors during rotation

Humans make mistakes as it is a part of their nature. In medicine, however, errors have grave implications and concerns that never end. When a patient’s well-being is on the line, an error made by a student-physician leaves them in a conundrum. A physician making an error in such results in their career being in jeopardy.

Hiding an error can be tempting and become a necessity at times. With burnout becoming common in medicine, it should be understood that med students training to become physicians must be trained patiently. Else, they will not be able to become physicians.

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