Chakra Meditation

Balance Your Energy Points With Chakra Meditation

Do you know there are 7 energy points in your body? These energy points are also known as chakras that loosely translates to ‘wheel’. It denotes a cyclic movement of energy within your body. So, it becomes highly necessary to keep all the chakras in alignment for an easy flow of energy. For that, you can always count upon chakra meditation.

Below mentioned are the 7 chakras that you need to balance out with chakra meditation.

7 Chakras Enclosed In Human Body

Root Chakra

Situated at the base of your spine, it is the first chakra that you need to focus upon. The basic needs of your body associates with the root chakra. People who travel a lot or lack a permanent place to settle down need to bring their attention to this chakra.

Root chakra also provides you with a stronger base to start anything in your life. Thus, focusing on this chakra keeps you grounded, ensuring you never go off-track.

Sacral Chakra

Placed near your lower abdomen, it is the second chakra. If you find it hard to accept any sort of change in life, you need to focus on this chakra. It relates to accepting the change or new connections with other beings.

Your sexual energy, carnal desire, pleasure, or passion associates with the Sacral chakra. Concentrating on this chakra helps you to control your sexual needs or to manipulate them accordingly.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The position of solar plexus chakra is near the upper abdomen, near your belly-button. The alignment of this chakra results in a boost of self-confidence. The blockage of solar plexus chakra results in feelings of insecurity or shyness.

Breathing deep into your stomach can be an easy way to balance out your solar plexus chakra.

Heart Chakra

It is placed in the center of your chest. The feelings of love and gratitude relate to the alignment of the heart chakra. Heart chakra also acts as a connection that bridges the upper and lower chakras. When you bring your focus to your heart while practicing various yoga poses, you work on the physical as well as metaphysical programming of the heart.

Throat Chakra

Located in your neck, throat chakra deals with the oration of truth and truth alone. Incorporating silence in your life heals the unbalanced throat chakra. The application of essential oils like rosemary, lavender, German chamomile, and much more while focusing on the throat chakra ensures more control or better alignment.

Third-Eye Chakra

Situated just between your eyebrows, third-eye chakra links with intuition to look under the surface. You get a strong connection with the pineal gland by aligning your third-eye chakra. The Pineal gland is like the master gland that controls almost every function of your body.

When you focus on third-eye chakra while practicing chakra meditation, your inner voice enhances. Therefore, it leads to the removal of fear from your psyche that is connected with the uncertainty of events.

Crown Chakra

Placed on top of your head, crown chakra alignment links you with your higher self. When you concentrate on the crown chakra, your awareness raises that automatically helps you to become more conscious.

Practicing chakra meditation changes the physical structure of your brain. In turn, there is an increase in the gray matter in your brain that automatically enhances your cognitive skills.


Removing negative energy stuck in your energy center becomes necessary and that can be done with the help of chakra meditation. Moreover, when your chakras are in alignment with one another, you become a whole being.

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