Tunic Tops

Show Evergreen Elegance With These Tunic Tops

Tunics are the favourites to be worn if you’re looking for a beautiful patterned top which is handcrafted delicately. It is usually worn in slightly warm summers and the spring. Although some women like to wear them all year round because of the skin-friendly material and comfortable fabric of the cloth. These tunics are usually worn in a casual to a semi-formal setting. Suitable for all age groups and body types, it is very fashionable due to the free form fit and being long in terms of length.

These tunic tops come in a variety of styles and can vary from half sleeves, full sleeves, and even sleeveless with a vast range of colours and patterns. Tunics also expand our options for both office as well as casual wear, along with showing class and elegance. These tunics are on the rise, in terms of designer tops, shopping online in India for these is easy.

Women can wear them with well-fitted jeans, tights, palazzos and more. Along with being fashionable, these tunics are also highly durable and can last you a very long time. You can make your Tunic look unique by pairing them up with the right bottom as well as fashionable stoles and scarves. For cotton tunics, you can be wearing them the entire day comfortably without losing out on your sense of style.

Manufacturers can print tunic tops in a variety of methods, these are:

a) Handloom Cotton: This type of Tunic is made from 100% authentic cotton, with the process including two sets of yarn called weft and warp used for weaving the tunics by hand during which a loom is used.

b) Bagh Printing: This type of Tunic is made by block printing of the texture; it is named Bagh as this process originated in the Bagh district of Madhya Pradesh. In this process, hand-carved blocks are dipped in natural colour to draw the aesthetic motif pattern on the fabric.

c) Indigo: This type of Tunic is dyed with a natural and skin-friendly dye. It is a multi-faceted process which requires patience and expertise.

These types of tunics are also available in a lot of fits, these are:

a) Panel Cut: These types of tunics are cut in a panel format, which gives away a formal look, suitable for office wear.

b) Straight Fit: This type of Tunic is the basic look, which can be suitable for casual as well as office wear. There are many types of variations in the straight fit, which include the V-neck and A-line cut and more.

c) Anarkali Cut: These types of tunics give a very royal look in terms of design. These are specially crafted to be worn on select days.

Manufacturers can style these tunic tops in a variety of ways. They are also one of the comfortable wear in the women fashion industry these days by providing comfort, style and a sense of beauty and uniqueness. The tunic tops are also adorable and versatile. To view more options of these tunic tops, you can check out the AMPM website, and they offer a ton of designs and variations for these types of awnings and more.


Tunics are the up and coming fit in the fashion industry in the regular or the anti-fit look. The variety of patterns and embroideries along with the right bottom can give a very chic look in a casual or a semi-formal setting. It avoids the “drowned look” one portrays while wearing a kurta and provides much more comfort than a conventional top. To procure these designer tops, shopping online in India is the easiest way.

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