5 Boozy Christmas Drinks For Your Holiday

Festivities are all about the mouth-watering delicacies and boozy drinks that allure your taste buds. With Christmas around the corner, you must plan the dinner dishes as well as delicious cocktail recipes. The boozy drinks are also likely to set the mood and energize your guests for the late-night party. From the savory indulgence of margarita to the fruity flavors of wine-infused cocktails, you must try them all. Along with this, choose the unique garnishes to boost the tasting notes and modify the mainstream recipes. 


Here are the top Christmas drink recipes infused with a variety of alcohol to pamper your taste buds.

1. Coquito 


Here’s the Puerto Rican delicacy that enchants every cocktail lover out there. You might consider the delicious eggnog-like alcoholic drink to satiate your taste buds right away. Also, include the great drinks in your Christmas dinner to gratify the guests and fill your tummy with savory flavors. All you need is the raw ingredients like white rum, condensed milk, and cinnamon flavor. Along with this, you can add a punch of cream coconut to improve the flavor right away.

How To Make?


  • Start the preparation by blending the ingredients for 5 to 10 minutes. Put the condensed milk, white rum, and coconut cream in the blender and mix well.


  • Refrigerate the mixture for more than 4 hours to bring about the creamy consistency in your drink. 


  • Add a few ground cinnamon extracts to your drink to boost the flavor without any hassles.


Mulled Wine 


If you’re a sommelier, you must include the delicious wine-infused cocktails in your dinner menu. Mulled wine is yet another ecstatic Christmas drink to surprise your guests and gratify your taste buds. Also, you can use basic wines like cabernet and merlot to prepare the drink for every person. Fetch the ingredients like Syrah, Star anise, Cloves, and Cinnamon sticks. Along with this, you need certain items for garnishing like oranges and nutmeg to achieve the much-needed flavor blast. Begin the preparation for your favorite drinks at least one night before to incorporate the perfect flavors.

How To Make?


  • Take all the ingredients except wine in a bowl and boil the mixture for an hour or so. 


  • Further, add some wine to the mixture and heat it at a low temperature for a few minutes. 


  • In the end, garnish the drink with some orange twists and add some brandy to enhance the taste.


3. Martini 


Another drink that every cocktail lover savors is the citrusy and icy cold martini. On the cold Christmas night, a martini is likely to boost the mood and enthrall your hunger pangs. All you need is the essential ingredients like dry vermouth, lemon, and gin to prepare a delicious glass of martini. Also, try to enhance the flavor and modify the basic recipe with your creative spices and herbs. 

How To Make?


  • Put a few ice cubes in a metal shaker and add dry vermouth to it. Stir the mixture for a while and add the remaining ingredients.


  • Fill the shaker with some gin and stir again. Further, add the mixture into a cocktail glass.


  • Garnish the glass with orange twists and olives to enhance the taste and the aroma of the drink.


4. Moscow Mule 


You can increase the appeal of your Christmas dinner with the cocktail immersed in copper mugs. Moscow mule is a savory and delicious drink loaded with some vodka and ginger essence. Also, it reflects the citrusy essence of the lime slices poured along with the earthy vodka notes. The drink is one of the easiest Christmas specials to allure your buds with something special. It requires necessary ingredients like vodka, ginger beer, and lime juices for the top-notch indulgence.

How To Make?


  • Take a Collins glass and squeeze a few limes into the glass. Add some ice cubes and stir the mixture for some time. 


  • Pour some vodka and ginger beer into the glass and mix it for a while. Add some more ice cubes into the glass and garnish it with lime juice.


5. Christmas Rum Punch


For all the rum lovers out there, rum punch can be the mood-lifting drink at late-night parties. In case you wish to throw a grand Christmas party, you must include the drink in your cocktail menu. Make sure to fetch the essentials like Jamaican rum, sugar, and apple cider vinegar. Also, try to get your hands on the cloves and oranges to garnish the drink right away. 

How To Make?


  • Take a few oranges and stud them with cloves. Further, bake the oranges for some time till it softens.


  • Add some rum and sugar syrup to the cocktail glass. Further, fill the glass with some apple cider vinegar to enhance the taste notes.


  • Stir the mixture and garnish with nutmeg and cinnamon. In the end, serve the drink hot with your favorite snacks.


Final Verdict


Christmas is all about the never-ending festivities and delicious dishes. For your Christmas dinner, you need a full-fledged cocktail menu to allure your taste buds. Make sure to include some drinks like Moscow Mule and Mulled Wine that boost the Christmas vibes. Other than this, you can try out versatile drinks like rum punch and martini to bring about new flavors. You need the perfect blend of flavor and aroma in your festive beverages. Also, pair the drinks with delicious snacks to level up the party feel.

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