Area Rugs

Area Rugs How to Put Them in Your Room

An inexpensive area rug should fit nicely underneath all of the major furniture pieces in the room. The carpet you choose should be easy to clean. You can live with it for a long time without replacing it.

Right kind of Area Rugs:

One way to make sure you choose the right area rugs is by knowing what kind of rug your contemporary carpet is. For example, a wool area rug will last longer than any other type of rug. You do not want a rug that will rot quickly or one that has a lot of wrinkles. The area rug should match your home’s overall style and color scheme as much as possible. Especially, if you are planning to put the area rug underneath the couch or chairs.

Size of the area rugs:

Once you know your room’s size and the type of rug that is best for your area, you should think about where the site rug will go. Think about the type of material the size rug will be made of. Can the room rug be painted, dyed, or stained? Will the area rug matches the rug covering the sofa, or is it going to look tacky? Will the area rug match the existing rug on the furniture?

Area rugs colors and styles:

Area Rugs are available in many colors and styles. Some of the colors will match your existing furniture, and some will not. You might want to go with a lighter coloured area rug, or the rug covering the table will appear too busy. If you have carpets that are too bright, they will clash with your sofa or chairs.

Areas Rugs sizes and textures:

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. Some of the area rugs you find in stores are woven materials, others are loose carpets, and some are solid natural fibre rugs.

Area rugs under the sofa:

When you put an area rug under a sofa, you need to keep in mind that the area carpet needs to be thick enough to cover the whole couch and have at least a quarter-inch of room around the sofa for an extra cushion. 

If you only have a chair, you don’t need that much room, but the sofa and chair have a big cushion area between them. It is better to have a little more space because you can tuck it in there. And have an extra cushion. in case someone has a nasty fall.

Area rugs under the table:

If you have to put an area rug under a table, keep in mind that some tables have extensive legs. This means you may need a much larger area rug than the one you would want to put under a sofa or chair. 

A good rule of thumb is for each square foot of the floor area; you need to have three times the area rugs you plan to use. If you have an uneven floor with uneven areas, you can cut down on the site rug to about double that amount. The extra site in the area rug will give you plenty of room to walk around.

You can also put a corner area rug on top of a table to take up that one-third of the space. You can use the same method to use an area rug behind a couch, a footstool, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Area rugs under the bed:

When you put an area rug under a bed, remember that the bed should have an equal number of square feet of the area rug. You can use any amount of room area you want around the bed. It would be best if you made sure the bed is evenly spread out. Use some room rugs for the back and front of the bed.

When you buy rugs, check the tag to make sure you know what is in it. Most rugs are crafting of wool, and some are made of cotton or silk. Don’t buy area rugs made of nylon since it does not last as long, and if it is not treating, it can rot.


An area rug is a great idea, and you can use it for almost any purpose. There are plenty of great ideas for area rugs in your area.  You can use your imagination and creativity to come up with something new and exciting that fits your decor.


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