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Quartz Vs. Granite – Is One Better Than Another?

There are no two ways about the fact that quartz and granite are the two most talked-about worktop materials. Be they homeowners, interior designers, architects or anyone else, all usually have different thoughts and opinions about both these materials. In other words, there seems to be a lot of confusion, for people don’t know which one is better. They are not even sure whether there are any such differences between quartz and granite worktops, or it is just a matter of aesthetics.

If you also have any such confusion or misunderstanding in your mind, then you are on the right page. Here we have mentioned different categories that would help you understand the real differences between these two countertop materials and thus, make an informed choice.

What exactly is a Granite and Quartz Worktop?

Granite is a 100% natural material, which is mined from quarries all across the globe. To make any coloured or white granite worktops, the stone is cut down to the desired size and given a fine polished finish. Quartz worktops, on the other hand, are not 100% natural, as they are made using approximately 95% ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resins.

How do they differ in appearance?

Both quartz and granite worktops have an amazing appearance and so, can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. As every granite slab differs in mineral pattern and colour from the other, you can end up installing a unique worktop in your kitchen. On the other hand, quartz worktops have a more uniform appearance. However, you can have plenty of choices, as quartz worktops are available in a wide assortment of colours and unique patterns. As both of them are extremely beautiful, the choice can be left to your preference.

Which one is Easier to Maintain?

Due to the porous surface, granite countertops are more likely to develop oil and acid stains. Therefore, you need to clean them every day and get them resealed once a year for enhancing their longevity. In contrast, quartz countertops don’t require everyday cleaning and yearly sealing. Resins used in the fabrication of slabs make the material uniform in appearance and stain-resistant. Additionally, the resins make quartz surface less porous and less susceptible to harbouring bacteria. This indicates that a quartz countertop is much easier to maintain.

Which one is more durable?

Granite worktops are durable, as they are resistant to various kitchen elements like heat. However, the porous nature of the surface makes them more prone to stains if spills aren’t cleared on time. However, quartz is a much harder material than granite. It is non-porous and keeps worktops relatively bacteria and stain-free. However, you should use heating pads all the time, for excessive heat can damage your quartz worktop.

Is Granite Cheaper or Quartz?

Both the countertop materials are pricey, as they both are high-end countertop materials. Price of both the materials varies as per the variation of their size, type and quality. Granite countertops usually cost $80 to $175 per square foot; whereas, quartz countertops cost about $80 to $140 per square foot. However, quartz countertop usually costs a bit more than granite, as it is a man-made material and its price is controlled by the manufacturer. If you decide to install the expensive option, you can still work out ways to save some money. For example, you can purchase a slab from the wholesaler and get it sealed and installed yourself. However, don’t force DIY techniques where professional and expert help is required.

Is Granite More Environmentally Friendly or Quartz?

The difference in ways granite and quartz are produced makes one more environmentally friendly than another. As granite is a natural stone, it needs to be extracted and quarried using a great deal of labour and extensive use of resources. Besides, there is a considerable transportation cost involved to bring the granite from faraway places to your kitchen. Quartz production, on the other hand, does not require lengthy extraction or quarrying. It is a factory-engineered product that is manufactured using materials that would normally go waste. Therefore, quartz is an eco-friendly alternative that can deliver almost the same benefits of granite.

Which one is better for Real Estate Value?

All the functional and aesthetic elements present in a property help enhance its resale value. If you are wondering which one out of granite and quartz would help enhance your real estate value, the answer is both. Both granite and quartz are high-end materials, which increase the value of a property. Properties featuring white granite worktops or quartz worktops impress prospective buyers more than the properties that have laminate or ceramic tile countertops.


Granite and quartz worktops have their own sets of pros and cons. Now that you know them all, you can conveniently make an ideal choice based on your taste, requirements and budget altogether.

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