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Find Funky Looking Jewelry For Every Age Woman


If you are a grown-up woman, you must remember playing with your mom’s aunt or big sister’s jewelry collection. Right? Women learn to accessorize at a very young age, and it gets better as they grow.  Alex and Company have various jewelry that women can wear on different occasions and life stages, including funky styles to everyday wear. And while celebrating birthdays, sometimes a woman wants to make a bold statement, which is okay regardless of age.


Below is a look at how most girls wear their funky bling: 


Teens pieces of jewelry


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Funky pieces of jewelry are more prevalent in this age. Teens will try wearing the bling from the nose rings, eyebrow, and belly ring to look trendy since they are discovering themselves. Some funky semi-stone pieces such as gold and silver are made ideally for teenagers. These are super-cool and look fab on them.


Custom-made jewelry


Custom made Jewelry


These are unmissable in any fashion vibe. These fit every occasion, whether it’s casual, elegant, or everyday wear, and are ideal for women of all ages. It’s up to the wearer to dictate how funkier the jewelry can be. Suppose you are looking for some unique jewelry to accessorize. In that case, you need to visit Alex and Company, who have artisans to work with you until you achieve your desired custom made accessory piece.


Add a little sparkle

There’s something unique and enchanting in wearing precious metals such as gold and silver. These metals are every woman’s dream to have a piece or two and add to their jewelry collection.


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When a child is born in different parts of the world, such as India, one of the best presents is valuable jewelry: a necklace or a bracelet. And when a young girl turns into a teenager, one of the best offers a mother or aunt can welcome her to this new age is gold or silver jewelry. It is the right stage to teach her about precious steel’s value and how a lady needs to accessorize.


If she receives an heirloom, she might get tempted to restyle it for a funkier design. Although it’s understandable, it’s crucial to seek permission from the family. It would be prudent to retain the sentimental value the pieces have. 


It’s a beautiful thing to find a soulmate, a lover, or your better half. When the idea of betrothing her comes, you want to buy precious metal and dazzling stone to wow her. The pink and green are some of the trendy and funky engagement rings you can get your partner from Alex and Company. 


Alex and Company


Jewelry for special occasions

When most women get an invitation to a party or an event, they are likely to go shopping for a new outfit. And we know it would look stunning if accentuated with sparkling jewelry like pieces from Alex and Company. They range from elegant to other varieties suitable for all women depending on their taste and budget. There are also particular designs for special occasions, such as colorful gems, rubies, and opals. 


For the bold statement pieces, these can be ethnically inspired, such as magnificent colorful beads. These are affordable and for the daring ladies. 


Pearls are timeless


Pearl Stringing


Most people may have the notion that pearls are for older women. Although that was how it was back then, it is not the case today. These are a comeback trend, and women of all age groups are slamming with these beauties. The funky ones are the big gems in more extended size of 24 inches. Most of these necklaces are appealing when dyed in different hues.


You will find engagement rings with a pearl rather than a diamond or larger pearls paired with some precious gems. Pearls look beautiful with any outfit, and a woman can choose how to wear them. A long overlaying pearl necklace over the top can turn a simple dress code to look superb. Even if you are wearing a t-shirt, and a pair of jeans, adding these accessories and a high heel can turn you into a model. 


In Conclusion, go ahead and add some bling to enhance your outfit. Whether you feel like picking something funky or elegant,  Alex and Company will provide you with all jewelry styles.  

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