How to Fix Epson Printer Not Printing

How to Fix Epson Printer Not Printing

An urgent print function can pop up anywhere and you want your Epson printer ready for it. An Epson printer won’t print can be a serious problem when you need your device the most. We deliver 16 promising patches for an Epson printer that is not publishing. Along with the options, you will also find a suitable set of measures to carry out these repairs.


How to Fix Epson Printer Not Printing


Why doesn’t my Epson printer print black and spot colors?
For the following 8 reasons, Epson printing may not be printed:

1. The Epson printer may not be turned on.

2. Your machine’s paper may end up in newspaper.

3. Clogged nozzles are another common cause of this problem.

4. Sometimes not using the printer can often lead to the sterility of the ink and, consequently, cause printing problems.

5. Your device may not be properly connected to the computer via USB.

6. An Epson printer with a dirty print head may not send prints.

7. The device may not publish black and other colors when ink levels are low.

8. The ink cartridge placement may be wrong.

9. The Epson printer driver may not require the latest updates.

How do I fix an Epson printer not printing?
Now let’s start to fix Epson printer won’t print. We provide solutions to this problem in the following sections. These options include cleaning dirty printer heads on Windows and Mac, setting an Epson printer as the default printer, reinstalling the printer on your system, assessing the correct air vent, etc.

Repair 1: Clean dirty printer heads
The print heads get dirty and fill with dust if the Epson printer is not used for a very long time. This contributes to problems such as the Epson 310 printer does not print correctly and the Epson L210 does not print colors correctly. Epson printers have built-in cleaning mechanics for the headset. Follow these steps to start cleaning the printer heads:

Clean the printhead for Windows:

1. On your system, go to “Control Panel” on “Desktop” and click “Hardware and Sound”.

2. Besides the website, you will also understand the selection of “Devices and Printers”. Select your Epson printer from the list of printers.

3. Right-click “Epson Printer” and select “Printing Flavors”.

4. A dialogue box with the top 3 options will appear. Select “Maintenance”.

5. A new page will start. Select “Head Cleansing”. When you click “Head Cleaning”, the Epson printer starts cleaning the print heads. Make sure you are not disturbing the printer after the head cleaning procedure is completed. The mind cleaning procedure may take up to five minutes.

6. After the mind cleansing is finished, a dialog box may appear with the two options “Print nozzle check pattern” and “End”. Click the earlier option to print a test page, so you can judge whether your Epson printer will copy the colors correctly or not. If the print quality is not good, clear your mind. You may need to do this procedure 2-3 times until you find true color reproduction on your Epson printer.

Clean the printhead for Mac:

1. Place the paper in the Epson printer’s paper tray.

2. Open “Mac OS Desktop”.

3. “Apple Menu” braces.

4. Use “System Preferences”.

5. “Printer and scanner” harness.

6. Find the Epson printer and click it.

7. Tap “Options and Supplies”.

8. Go to the “Tools” tab.

9. “Open Printer Utility” Cabling.

10. Then select “Head Cleaning”.

11. Wait for the process to complete, then check if the problem is resolved.

Fix 2: Manually clean the printhead
If nothing seems to be working, carefully pick up the printheads and clean them. For manual cleaning, follow these tips:

Sterile with distilled water:

1. Use the dropper to pour soapy water over the nozzles. This will lead to the dried dust or ink falling out and collapsing.

2. Immediately immerse the nozzles in warm water.

3. Then clean the nozzles and publish 4 to 6 pages.

Sterile with a paper towel:

1. Soak a paper towel with distilled water or cleaning agent.

2. Scrub the print head for 10 to 15 minutes. This can help you scrape off dust or dried ink.

3. Now publish 4 to 5 test pages to check color reproduction.

Fix 3: Set Epson printer as default
If you find the answer to “Why is my Epson printer not printing?” , it may happen that your device has not yet been set as default. There are 9 resources listed here to try to set your Epson printer as default.

1. In your system, run the “Start” menu.

2. Select “Preferences”.

3. Click the “Printers & Scanners” menu.

4. See “Devices”.

5. Click on “Printers & Scanners”.

6. You will notice a list of printers. Choose your Epson printer.

7. Tap on “Manage”.

8. Click the Set as Default button.

9. Now try to publish. The printing error was already problematic.

Note: If you do not understand the selection of “Set as Default”, please uncheck the “Let Windows manage my default printer” box.

Fix 4: Buy a new ink cartridge for your Epson printer
Your Epson printer may not print due to an outdated ink cartridge and lack of support. As a proposal, you can use a brand new ink cartridge for your own machine. Please make sure you have installed it correctly. Then try to print. When the older cartridge is damaged, a new one can easily fix the problem.

Fix 5: Reinstall the Epson printer on the system
Is the Epson printer printing nothing? Reinstalling it on your computer might do the job. Here we have explained the processes for reinstalling an Epson printer on Windows in addition to Mac. Read the processes carefully until you complete them.

Reinstall the Epson printer in Windows:

1. Open the Windows “Control Panel”.

2. Go to “Programs”.

3. Make use of “Programs and Features”.

4. Right-click the Epson printer and select “Uninstall”.

5. Then turn off Windows and Epson printer.

6. Disconnect the printer from the system.

7. Wait a few minutes, and then restart Windows and the Epson printer.

8. Connect the Epson printer to the system.

9. Now, to reinstall the Epson printer in Windows, open the “Start” menu.

10. Go to “Settings”.

11. Click on “Devices”.

12. “Tools and scanners” harness.

13. Select “Add Printer or Scanner”.

14. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reinstallation process.

Reinstall the Epson printer on the Mac computer:

1. Go to the “Apple Menu” on your Mac computer.

2. Click on “System Preferences”.

3. “Print and fax” harness.

4. Highlight the Epson printer and press the minus sign button to uninstall it.

5. Click “OK” to confirm.

6. Then go to “Hard Drive”.

7. Go to “Library” and select “Tools”.

8. Click the “EPSON” folder. Now drag it to the trash. Any Epson printer drivers installed on your Mac will be removed. You will be prompted to reinstall them later.

9. Now remove the garbage.

10. Restart the Mac computer.

11. Visit the Support Contractor Version page.

12. Download the printer driver.

13. Run the downloaded file and follow the directions to install it.

14. Click “Finish” when configuration is complete.

15. Open the “Apple Menu”.

16. Select “System Preferences”.

17. Click on “Print & Fax”.

18. When Epson is connected to your Mac via USB, it will be shown on the list. When it’s connected to your Mac over a network link, press the plus sign button to join it.

19. Wire “More Printers”, select Epson TCP / IP and choose your own printer.

Note: Enter the Epson printer’s “IP address” from “network address” / “DNS namespace”, if it is not displayed. Harness “Confirm” will be displayed in the list. Select it and then hit “Insert”.

Fix 6: Make sure the correct port for your Epson printer
During installation, an incorrect interface could be the main reason your Epson printer does not print. You can follow these 8 steps to change the printer interface without re-painting the machine.

1. Open the “Control Panel” on your system.

2. Cabling for “devices and printers”.

3. Select your printer. Right-click it to launch “Printer Properties”.

4. Click the “Ports” tab and then click “Add Port”.

5. Select “Standard TCP / IP Port” and tap “New Socket”.

6. On another page, click “Next”.

7. Click the “Apply” button.

8. Now restart your computer and printer.

Fix 7: Update your notebook with the Epson printer
If you think “Why is my Epson printer not printing?” updating the driver can be a way to avoid this situation. Find out how to update your Epson printer driver in just 5 steps.

1. In the “Start” menu, type “Device Manager” and press “Enter”.

2. Click your own printer.

3. Click here on your Epson printer, then select “Update Driver”.

4. Select “Search for mechanically updated driver applications”.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Fix 8: Eliminate long print queues
Anyone who has been using an Epson printer for a long time should be aware that the print queue is very long. This very long queue can prevent your product from printing. Clearing this queue will be a fantastic idea. You can do it in 10 steps.

1. On your system, press the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously.

2. Each time the Run window opens, type in “Services.Msc” and press “Enter”.

3. Search for “Printer Spooler” and click on it.

4. Click “Stop”.

5. Open “Desktop” and select “File Explorer”.

6. Enter “% Windir% System32SpoolPRINTERS” in the “address bar”.

7. Delete all documents in this folder.

8. Go to “Print Spooler Properties” again.

9. Right-click “Printer Spooler” and press “Start”.

10. After completing the procedure, the problem will be solved.

Fix 9: Speed ​​up Epson printer
Your Epson printer may have problems printing if it is quite slow. We understand how to make your Epson printer faster. The methods are available here.

1. Go to the “Desktop” on your system.

2. Click the Epson printer icon.

3. Open ‘Publish Settings’.

4. Click on the “Advance” tab.

5. Now set the speed.

6. Now perform a test print to investigate the problem.

How can I troubleshoot an Epson printer not printing in black?
We talked to you at the beginning of this article, your Epson printer may not print shamefully. Learn how to fix this issue here. These repairs include restoring default print settings, properly installing the ink cartridges, and evaluating the degree of black ink.

Fix 10: Restore default printer settings
There may be a situation where users start monitoring an Epson printer that does not print later by changing the ink because configurations may have changed. To reset the printer to its default settings and then troubleshoot the problem, follow these steps:

1. Press the switch near the Epson printer’s “Power” switch for 5 minutes. The Power LED will flash. Wait for the green flashing light to prevent this from happening.

2. If the green light on the “Power” button stops flashing, it usually means the color system has been repaired. Have a printout to check color reproduction. This is likely to solve the problem of incorrect black printing by this Epson printer.

Fix 11: Properly evaluate the ink cartridge
If your Epson printer does not print in black, you need to make sure the ink cartridge is inserted correctly. To put it perfectly, read these 4 short bars.

1. Access the printer cabinet.

2. Take the black ink cartridge.

3. Put it back properly.

4. Then close the locker for this gadget.

Fix 12: Evaluate the amounts of black ink
Low levels of black ink on an Epson printer may be an additional reason why the device cannot publish in black. We recommend checking the standing black ink. The next 4 steps can make it possible for you.

1. On your system, go to “Desktop” and double-click the Epson printer icon.

2. Select the “Epson Status Monitor 3” device.

3. Run this tool and confirm the degree of this black ink.

4. If the black ink level is not higher, refill the cartridge.

How do I fix an Epson printer not printing correctly?
Occasionally, the Epson printer may not print correctly. May cause blurry prints, prints with holes, or prints with misalignment. In the following sections, you can learn how to solve these problems by checking the ink levels, evaluating the paper settings, using the Head Cleaning Utility, and obtaining advanced settings.

Fix 13: Check the amount of ink in the Epson printer
When the ink levels are low, you may notice that your Epson printer is not printing properly. We will teach you how to check your machine’s ink levels using the Epson Status Monitor 3. The process is shown here.

1. Open the “Control Panel” on your system.

2. Tap on “Devices and Printers”.

3. Right-click the Epson printing device in the window.

4. Select the “Printing Preferences” option.

5. Go to the “Maintenance” tab.

6. Use the “Epson Status Monitor 3” utility.

7. The capsule ink levels will be shown in the window.

8. When ink is low, refill the cartridge to resume printing.

Repair 14: Assess your paper preferences
In some cases, the Epson printer does not print correctly and produces blurry prints. There may be an error in your newspaper preferences. You can check these settings in just 4 small steps.

1. Open the “Epson Menu” on the device.

2. Go to the “Main Menu”.

3. Select “Media Type”.

4. Check the settings for the newspaper.

Repair 15: Use the head cleaning tool
An Epson printing device can print intermittently for many reasons. To fix this problem, please try the next measures.

1. From this machine’s “Main Menu”, open the “Media Type”.

2. Now check the newspapers.

3. Check the expiration date of this cartridge.

4. Then run the “Head Cleaning Utility”.

Fix 16: Use advanced settings for misalignment
The problem that the Epson printer does not print directly can arise when the device is too fast. This can cause misalignment. To fix this problem, we suggest using the advanced settings. We’ve shown you how to use these configurations below.

1. Open the Epson Printer window.

2. Open ‘Publish Settings’.

3. Use the “Advanced Settings” tab.

4. Set the print speed.

5. Now have the printout.

Models compatible with the amendments

You can try the above-mentioned fixes on the following Epson printer models:

Epson 200 printer Epson M200 printer Epson L210 printer
Epson XP 310 printer Epson L360 printer Epson 420 printer
Let’s summarize

This post was filled with lots of fixes that fixed Epson device not printing problem. We expect these options to help you fix the problem and increase your printing potential again. While this problem is fixed, you can read our articles about Epson offline printer and the best way to troubleshoot an Epson printer to solve other problems.

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