New car paint protection

New Car Paint Protection by Ceramic Coating Service

Bought a new car? For sure it smells good for you, as the smell of plastic and other adhesive is still other even if it is not good for the health. Also, the paint of the car is looking excellent and shiny. You like to keep it the same way forever. For that, you will make efforts for a few months. Still, you will notice that the car is getting old. Seeing this the interest of yours, to keep the car up to date will end too. But have you ever think about the new car paint protection service? There are many who didn’t consider, even those who know about ceramic coatings. It is something that does magic for you. The best time to get this service is, as soon as the car come out of the factory.

Everything is not about shine – Paint protection matters too

In the market, these days no products are better than ceramic coating for paint protection. Once the layer of the ceramic coating is applied to the car paint, it bonds with the paint well. A smooth, hard and thin protective layer is made on the top.

The layer provides protection from the sun rays, etching from bird droppings, tree, and acid rains and from other harms. Also, it didn’t allow the dust, dirt, water, salt and other things to stick with the car paint. It simply means that the car wash becomes very easy and less time-consuming. The best part about this coating is that it last for many years if you get the good one. So, you don’t have to worry much and spend again and again.

There are a few points that you also know which company might not tell it to you that it didn’t protect your car paint from the heavy rock chips, gouges, scratches or other such issues. Also, don’t try to use DIY methods to apply these coatings, as it will not help you in any way. Always get the service from professionals because if anything went wrong, the repairing would cost you a lot.

Moreover, the process itself is not cheap. You need to pay a lot, but in the end, it is worth it. So don’t hesitate.

What is the cost of the ceramic coating?

The prices differ according to the quality. It starts at $500 and can go up to $2,800. It all mainly depends on the coats you get the treatment required for the perfect coating. So, you can set your budget accordingly. Before buying a car if you keep this service in mind, things will become easy for you to manage. Also, you will not feel that you have spent so much.

Does ceramic coating mean there is no need to wash a car?

There are many who try to convince the customers that after ceramic coating, the car will stay protected from every kind of damage. It is not the truth, as you have learned above. You need to maintain your car on a regular basis. Also, you need to wash the car time to time too. The one thing that becomes simple for you is that everything becomes easy for you. for example many times just use of water is going to be enough for the cleaning.

Does the brand new vehicle car doesn’t need any protection?

It is another question that comes in many minds. There are many who think the new vehicle doesn’t need any kind of protection. If you look properly, there are scratches and other imperfections are clearly seen. That is in detailing world, “better than new” is a term that is used commonly.

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