SMILE eye surgery

SMILE Eye Surgery – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are all the details as well as solutions to all the queries that you need to know about SMILE eye surgery:


  • Am I a candidate for the surgery?

In the beginning, the patients suffering from a specific range of astigmatism and myopia qualify for this kind of surgery. To get this surgery done, it is essential to get your eye tested. Your eye has to be healthy. You can get in touch with a leading ophthalmologist near you to inquire about the same and get your tests done.


  • What if I am not a candidate for the surgery?

If you are not a candidate for SMILE vision correction surgery, do not worry. You can still be a candidate for LASIK, another leading eye surgery. If you are not a candidate for both SMILE and LASIK, you may be a candidate for PRK.


  • What is the SMILE surgery cost in India?

The SMILE eye surgery cost usually varies from one eye center to the other. However, on average, the SMILE surgery cost extends up to Rs. Fifty thousand for one eye. This means that if your doctor suggests eye surgery on both your eyes, the SMILE eye surgery cost will be charged at Rs. 1,00,00.


  • How does SMILE laser vision correction work?

This kind of surgery makes the use of a small incision that is made in your eyes to reshape the cornea. The cornea in the eye is made up of 5 layers. To correct focusing problems, only the layer resting in the middle is reshaped. The laser applies a plane of tiny air bubbles that create the base of the lenticule. Eventually, this laser permits keyhole access so that your surgeon may remove the targeted piece of tissue, thereby improving your vision to a greater extent.


  • Does this procedure hurt?

SMILE laser vision correction is performed using a topical anesthetic. Thus, you don’t have to worry about suffering from extreme pain while the surgery is being performed on you. The anesthetic comes in the form of an eye drop that numbs your eyes. Eventually, you don’t feel anything in your eyes throughout the performance of the surgery.


  • What is the duration of this surgery?

SMILE laser vision correction is not a time-consuming surgery. Once the anesthetic has been given to the patient, this procedure takes a maximum of 30 minutes to complete.


  • When can I return to normal activities after the performance of surgery on my eyes?

The incision made in your cornea during SMILE surgery extends 2.3mm in size. This is the same size as the tip of a pencil. The cornea takes a day to heal completely. Thus, you can resume all your normal activities such as playing sport or driving after 48 hours of the surgery on your eyes. At times, the recovery may take even longer.


  • Does the recovery after SMILE vision correction hurt?

It is very normal to expect some discomfort after the surgery has been performed on your eyes. You might feel a little dry, uncomfortable, or scratchy in your eyes. However, such discomfort lasts only for 4-5 hours.


Now that you are aware of the SMILE surgery cost and everything else about this surgery book your appointment with your surgeon now.

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