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Top 10 FAQs about CDSCO Registration that you need to know

To import anything in India, you have to acquire the authorization from the respective authorities. It becomes even more imperative in case of importing cosmetic product. CDSCO Registration, in one of its versions, permits the applicants to import cosmetic products from foreign countries. As a mandatory requirement, it isn’t new. However, there are still many questions regarding it that need proper answers.

For that reason, we have compiled a list of Top 10 FAQs about CDSCO License that you need to know.

Q1. What is the meaning of cosmetic?

Here, we are explaining the term in terms of its legal aspects, as mentioned in the documents for CDSCO License. A cosmetic is a product that’s purpose is to be sprinkled, rubbed, sprayed, applied on or introduced to any part of the human body. The reason for doing so can be to clean, beautify, enhancing attractiveness or modifying the appearance of the person.

Q2. Why is the import of cosmetics regulated in India?

One of the many reasons people ask this question because they think that an innocent product like cosmetic shouldn’t involve any regulation. We should make you remember that cosmetic, just like most medicinal articles can contain:

  1. Certain heavy metals.
  2. Animal products
  3. And other toxic chemicals.

These ingredients, by the very nature, harm the environment. That’s why, the Central Drug Standard control organization has made CDSCO License mandatory for anyone who wishes to import cosmetics.

Q3. Are all the cosmetic products regulated in India?

Yes, regardless of whether the drug is imported or manufactured within the country, it has to exist under certain regulations. CDSCO is the body that encompasses these regulations.

Q4. What is the name of the regulatory authority that watches over cosmetic import in India?

The Central Drug Standard Control Organization or CDSCO, is the primary body that watches over the import of cosmetics. For that purpose, it issues a registration certificate or CDSCO License for the import of cosmetics. CDSCO is headquartered at FDA Bhawan, ITO, Kotla Road, New Delhi – 110002, and it’s governed under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Q5. What do I need to submit if I am to get the CDSCO license for cosmetics?

Two forms are the foundation requirements to acquire the CDSCO License for cosmetics:

  1. The application form: Know as Form 42, you have to file it offline and submit it along with the mandatory documents.
  2. Once you’ve submitted the above and the verification of the documents and the application is complete, you’ll get the CDSCO License in the form of registration for import of cosmetics.

Q6. Who do I submit the form for CDSCO License?

The process of CDSCO registration is a combination of both offline and online mode. One has to file the application online and submit it along with the needed processing fee. Then, to move forward the application into processing, they have to submit the offline copy of the documents to the CDSCO office.

Q7. I have already registered some cosmetics as per CDSCO License. What if I have to register additional products?

To register additional products, you have to apply for endorsement in the registration application that you currently have. That said, there are two conditions to add new products to the existing application:

  1. You have to repay the fee associated with them.
  2. The products should’ve been made by the same manufacturing unit for which you have the current CDSCO License.
  3. For additional category, you’d have to pay additional 2000 Dollars.

Q8. Do I need a  free sale certificate for importing cosmetics in India?

Yes, you do need a free sale certificate if you’re to import cosmetics in India. that said, it’s not your job to acquire the free sale certificate, but of the foreign manufacturer whose products you’re importing. They have to get this document from their country’s chamber of commerce or any other similar regulatory body.

Q9. I have changed the composition of my product, do I need a fresh registration?

If you’ve merely changed the composition of the cosmetics products, or have changed any of the following”

  1. The methodology implemented for testing
  2. Minor changes in the manufacturing process

And none of these changes impact the specification of the final product, then all you need to do is update the labels on the packaging. Also update the CDSCO regarding the changes you’ve made.

Q10.  Is CDSCO license mandatory for me to manufacture cosmetics in India?

No, if you’re manufacturing cosmetics in the country, then CDSCO license is not applicable to you.


So here they are folks. The ten burning questions most have about importing cosmetics and the answers to them. Are you looking for the CDSCO license to do some importing of your own? if you are, don’t wait and reach out to our experts.

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