Golf Course Mowers

Golf Course Mowers: Types and How to Buy

A wide range of equipment and tools are used to maintain a golf course. Mowers are useful machines that help maintain grass. However, they are expensive investments. In addition, they come in many types. There are manual and automatic Toro golf course mowers. Understand different types of mowers and learn which is the best machine for your golf course.

Golf is a splendid sport, but it is an expensive one too. From different types of golf clubs to golf course equipment, many things come with a hefty price tag. While buying, it is necessary to pay attention to them, especially when you want to get a mower. 

Mowers play a significant role in ensuring a uniform height of the entire golf course. However, not all mowers are equally useful. Some of them are ideal for lawns but do not serve well for an area like a golf course. These mowers become a hanging machine in your shed. To make a good deal, know about different mowers.

Types of Golf Course Mowers


There are different types of mowers on the market. They are different from one another in terms of size, mechanism, usage, and technology. However, all of them can be categorized into two types:

  1. Reel Mowers 
  2. Rotary Mowers

Reel Mowers

They are machines with blades that spin vertically (north to south). In addition, they follow a scissoring action to trim the grass. Depending on a model type, a reel mower can have three to seven blades. 

A reel mower can be both manual and automatic. Its traditional versions include lawn mowers that many homeowners use to maintain their backyards today. When it comes to golf course care, advanced mowers like Toro golf course mowers are used. These are automatic machines that can mow a big area like a golf course quickly and effectively. 

Rotary Mowers


If you are searching for a mower with the most recent mechanism, you need to know about rotary mowers. These are extremely popular golf course equipment due to their rotary blades and speed. 

Similar to reel mowers, you can get manual rotary mowers that can be used by pushing forward. Apart from that, advanced rotary mowers are operated through electronic & fuel supporting engines. These machines feature rotary blades that help trim the grass from upward rapidly. The mower’s blades rotate horizontally and help achieve a specific grass height. 

Which is Right for You: Reel or Rotary Mowers

Both reel and rotary mowers have their own pros and cons. Reel mowers are useful for getting detailed grass cut. On the other hand, rotary mowers help cut grass quickly. Here, you must get advanced rowers to cover large areas like a golf course. Apart from that, ensure that you invest in branded machines like Toro golf course equipment

If new Toro golf mowers are expensive for you, then you can buy used Toro golf course mowers. Reach a reputed supplier of used golf mowers and explore your options. Consider your requirements, and match them with a mower’s features. Invest in a quality mower and maintain your golf course!  

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