Why Custom Canvas Tote Bags Are As Popular As Beyonce

Why Custom Canvas Tote Bags Are As Popular As Beyonce


We all love queen B for the fantastic work she does. Beyonce is given this title because of her work ethic. The fact that she is so versatile adds to the reason why she deserves it. She is, after all, the best performer of this generation. The way she manages to stay true to herself while keeping in line with current music trends inspires us. 

What has Beyonce got to do with Tote bags, you ask? Well, here are a few reasons canvas tote bags are here to stay: 

They’re Perfect for any occasion.

Having a canvas tote bag is sure to be your favourite accessory just because of its sheer versatility. We all know how much thinking goes into the seamless “am-pm” transition. 

Whether you use it for college or work or even for your shopping needs, our customizable collection of canvas tote bags give you the freedom to create a fully personalized bag to suit your every need.

Just as Beyonce’s music can be heard anywhere, anytime, You can wear our bags anywhere, anytime.

They’re the new fashion staple.

The current fashion trend dictates fashion be ‘maximum style through minimal effort’. 

A tote bag delivers on both! It’s effortlessly stylish! You can easily elevate any wardrobe choice with this simple piece.

Beyonce has set the stage in beautiful statement pieces, and as we promised to draw inspiration from her, throw on our tote bag to your monochrome look, and you have now made your already fashionable outfit chicer!

They’re reusable and highly durable.

At the rate that climate change is occurring, it is our moral obligation to protect our ‘big blue marble’ of a home. Now, more than ever! 

Our bags will surely last you a long time, even with rough usage! Simply throw the bag in the wash with your next load of laundry and use as many times you want. Consider it a “fashionable investment”.

They’re eco-friendly

I’m sure you’ve heard of the heart touching speech Queen b gave on climate change. She won our hearts when she came and educated the climate change deniers!

We are incredibly proud of the steps we have taken to save our home planet. And so we proudly bring to you our canvas tote bags, a renewable, biodegradable and highly durable resource. We want you to pride in contributing to saving our planet. 

They’re stylishly versatile.

We believe in simplicity. Canvas is an incredibly adaptable material; you can use our bags to suit your needs. Here’s what our clients have to say:

College students love our “boho chic- friendly” tote bags to fit all their college supplies, laptops, and books and head to college in style.

New mommies on the block thank us for adding an elegant style to their outfits. 

It’s the perfect gift item. Customizable to suit your palate.

But that’s not all! Fold our canvas totes and keep in your handbag for your next supermarket visit. You can proudly say no to single-use plastic bags.

They’re beloved by every celebrity. 

Even Celebrities are wearing them as a style staple these days. We already discussed how today’s trend in clothing is “effortless fashion”. It’s no surprise that Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Rese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and everyone in between have made the tote bag their wardrobe staple. 

Be it a leather tote-bag, a denim one, or a linen/ canvas one, everyone’s sporting one these days. 


And so, just as promised, we showed you all the reasons why tote bags are so popular. Welcome to the “Tote revolution” 

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