Are online slots winnings taxable in Canada?

Which are the best online slots to play in Canada?

Which are the best online slots to play in Canada?

Just as they are in many other places over the world, online slots are extremely popular in Canada – join now. According to statistics, more than one hundred online casinos exist nationwide in Canada today, and they are all completely legal.

Canada actually forms one of the top ten countries globally regarding online gambling revenue, as well as popularity. This is no doubt thanks to their liberal gambling laws, which are much more relaxed than those of their neighbours to the south in the United States.

Canada earns about $31 billion (Canadian dollars – £17.9 billion) from online gambling per year, and that figure is expected to rise further over the coming years. It’s growing healthily year on year, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Who’s playing online slots in Canada?

One of the most interesting facts about online gambling in Canada is that women outnumber men when it comes to gambling on mobile devices. However, men still constitute the most significant number of online gamblers (80%) on desktops and laptops.

According to statistics, most Canadian males prefer table games like blackjack, poker, roulette, and online slots, while women prefer games such as bingo. Whether this is because men like playing more solitary games whilst women enjoy more social games is an interesting question that remains to be answered!

What’s on offer in Canada?

Online casinos in Canada have a wide range of popular slots games, all with a huge variation of themes and styles. However, you will recognise a number of common features. Obviously, they all include spinning reels, paylines, free spins, bonus features, and the very enticing prospect of winning some real money.

Once you learn the ropes and do a little research into the games you like playing best, you’re ready to go. What’s more, the choice is amazing, and with the constant conveyor belt of great content being produced all the time, online slots never get boring, in Canada or anywhere!

Most popular online slots in Canada

With the choice available, it’s no surprise that Canadians enjoy the great games that software producers are releasing all the time. But, when push comes to shove, Canada’s top online slots games are as follows:

  •       Thunderstruck II – a 5-reel slot title on 243 paylines with a phenomenal RTP percentage of 97%
  •       Mega Moolah – this world-famous progressive jackpot slot on 5 reels and 25 paylines is known across the globe for making people millionaires. It’s slightly more volatile with its RTP percentage at 88%, but when it does pay out, you’ll know about it!
  •       Girls With Guns – a 5-reel slots game on 243 paylines with an above average RTP percentage of 96%
  •       League of Fortunes – a 5-reel slot with an incredible 1024 ways to win, and a great 96% RTP percentage too!
  •       Break Away – a 5-reel and 243-payline slots title with an above average RTP percentage of 96%

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