A Buying Guide of Modern Glass Coffee Tables

Add a contemporary twist to your interiors. Consider adding modern glass coffee tables to your living space.

A Buying Guide of Modern Glass Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a staple in living rooms. Will you choose rich wood tones or crisp whites for yours? Buying one can be a tricky experience, considering the variety of styles on the market. Make the selection process easier with this buying guide. By paying attention to these tips, you’ll have an easier time figuring out which option suits you.

Consider the Height

Measure the height of your chairs and sofa, or at least the ones you’ll pair with the table. The table can be slightly lower or higher - There’s no set rule, after all. However, a coffee table that’s too low will be uncomfortable.

Think About Usage

Before you browse through modern glass coffee tables, consider what you’ll use the coffee table for. Will you use it for writing on your laptop? Then you’ll need a higher table to be more comfortable. If you want a relaxing vibe to go with your coffee table, or you plan to use the table for more relaxing pursuits then you have more room to play with heights based on your preferences. 

Factor in the Shape

A rectangular coffee table will work well with your sofa. Look for options that are half the size of your couch. If you don’t have much room to spare, go for a round coffee table. It’s a tight spot, so tables with no sharp edges are better. They make it easier for you to move around that space. If you have an L-shaped seating area, an oval-shaped coffee table is generally your best bet. 

Look at the Size

An end table is an excellent choice if you’re pressed for space but still want a stylish addition to the room. A larger coffee table accessible to all the seats works for a bigger space. You can also consider putting smaller coffee tables beside each seat if there are several seating areas. 

Choose a Color

Neutral colors like gray or white gloss create an effortlessly contemporary look. You could also choose a transparent glass table. Let the design and color of the table show through the glass. That can add more accents to your space. Adding a wooden finish or metal elements is another approach. You can tie in those materials with your coffee table and the rest of your interiors for a seamless look. A glass table, on the other hand, reflects light around your room. Consider if that will go well with the atmosphere you want to build. 

Use Rugs 

Create a focal point in the room by matching the colors of your coffee table with a rug. Depending on the rug you choose, you can create the illusion of more space in your living room. If your table and sofa are in light shades, a dark-colored rug can help ground the arrangement. Darker shades, though, make space contract visually while lighter shades help expand the feel of a room. 

Play with Style

 Do you have a traditional interior with lots of wood? You can add a modern twist to your living area by choosing coffee tables designed with contemporary or modern details. That’s an easy way to upgrade your space.  

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