How to Fix QuickBooks Registration Error?

If you are facing QuickBooks registration error then this article will let you know all the plausible and effective methods for fixing such errors.

How to Fix QuickBooks Registration Error?

The QuickBooks registration error occurs when something incorrect in QuickBooks licensing information exists. There are many reasons why you can't register QuickBooks book windows. The most common is a connection problem and an older version of QuickBooks. We will explain why this error occurs and give you a solution.

Six best points which resolve Registration Error in QuickBooks.

Solution 1: Configure the Windows Firewall. Firstly, you must click on the window icon and search for window Firewall.

  •       Move to the next step, in which you have to select the port. After that, “Click Next”.
  •       Check and confirm that the TCP is selected.
  •       Choose Allow the Connection.
  •       Choose all the profiles shown on the induce window and click “Next”.
  •       Register a name for the rule; after that, click on close
  •       At the end step, just try to register on QuickBooks products again.

Solution 2: Allocate Administrative authority to the User Account. Click on the window icon, and then go to the setting area of your computer from the control panel.

  •       Choose the family and other users from under the Accounts.
  •       Move to the other step. You have to choose the user you want to appoint as the administrator.
  •       The next step is to choose the user you want to appoint for the administrative authority.
  •       After that, click on the change account type and choose Administrator from the Account Type part.
  •       Click Change Account Type and sign in again on the windows.

If you can't solve this QuickBooks Registration Error, create an administrator account in Windows. Then you can quickly go to the next troubleshooting step.

Solution 3: Install and Run QuickBooks File Doctor 

  •       Sometimes, a corrupt company file is a reason for a Quick registration error.
  •       In this case, you must rub the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

Solution 4: Register MSXML Files

  •       Press Window + R together to open the run dialog box.
  •       After that, type cmd.exe in the message space and hit the Enter key.
  •       Move to the next step, type CD windows/ syswow64 in the black colour command prompt window, and hit the “Enter key”.
  •       After that, type regsvr32 MSXML4. DLL and hit the “Enter key”..
  •       After that, type regsvr32 MSXML6. Dll and hit the “Enter key”. again.


If you are still facing the QuickBooks registration error after doing all these steps for troubleshooting, then you can reinstall QuickBooks with the help of the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

Solution 5: Tool Hub. Run the Fast Repair program

  •       If you come here, you will see a QuickBooks registration error.
  •       When using the QuickBooks Desktop program, try to run the Quick repair program.
  •       This trick will close the background processes which QuickBooks are using.
  •       Besides, run QuickBooks fix on your program to solve the registration error in QuickBooks.
  •       Open QuickBooks Tool Hub and choose Program Issues.
  •       You have to choose Quick Fix my program and wait for the scan until it's finished.
  •       Open the QuickBooks Desktop application and the company file when it's finished.

Note: We also advise you to run the QuickBooks Tool Hub & check if 3371 Error & 1904 can create problems.

Solution 6: Delete your Entitlement file

  •       This Entitlement file helps QuickBooks analyze and tell whether the product is valid and registered or not.
  •       You just have to search the file and erase the Entitlement file from the QuickBooks desktop.
  •       So if you do this, you can again enter your license and product information.
  •       Press on the window icon and type Run in the search space. Then open the run dialog box.
  •       Type c: /programData/intuit/ Entitlement Client) v8 hit the enter key.
  •       If this will not open a folder, enter c :) ProgramData/Intuit / Entitlement Client/v6.
  •       Search and find the EntitlementDataStore. Ecml file, click on the right side, and choose the delete option. Click on Yes to agree



The above method will make you understand and help you know precisely what QuickBooks is and how you can solve it quickly by following these steps. However, if this method will not resolve your problem and you are still stuck in this QuickBooks registration error, then contact our QuickBooks Error Support experts 1-800-615-2347. They will help you in a detailed manner.

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